Get your TV reception issues fixed by the Cairns experts


If your TV is struggling to put out a clear picture, call Brian Bell the TV Man for quick, affordable antenna repairs throughout the Cairns region. With more than 50 years' experience in the industry, we have the skills and knowledge to resolve even the trickiest of antenna faults.

There are a couple of common faults that can be symptoms of a broken antenna, including:
  • Pixelation
  • Loss of picture
  • Signal dropouts
If you're suffering any of these issues, then contact us. The quicker we can get out to you the quicker we can get your TV working properly again.

We work on antennas and TV aerials for all kinds of properties, including houses, high-rise buildings, units, townhouses and commercial businesses. We can even maintain and repair UHF and VHF systems.
Of course, sometimes errors can be temporary or occur after a storm, kids pulling plugs or something similar, so before giving us a call try:
  • Checking your TV cables to ensure they are all plugged in correctly
  • Doing an auto or manual scan for channels
  • Ensuring the settings are correct
If none of these can fix the issue, then we're more than happy to help!

For all TV antenna repairs and maintenance in the Cairns region, call Brian Bell the TV Man today. Our experts have been providing antenna problem solving, repairs and installation since 1967.