Crystal-clear television, guaranteed


Digital TV antenna installation & repairs in Cairns


Ensure you're able to enjoy high-definition TV year-round with affordable digital TV antenna installation and repairs from the Cairns experts at Brian Bell the TV Man. Our family owned and operated business has been operating since 1967 and we're dedicated to providing the best service at the most competitive price.

Our mobile team offers a range of services throughout Cairns, including:

  • Setup & tunning of TV, video, DVD & set top boxes
  • Multi-dwelling antenna installations
  • Extra TV points
  • UHF & VHF systems
  • Antenna upgrades
  • Antenna problem solving
  • Maintenance

Whether you need a new TV installed, an antenna upgraded or bad reception fixed, the Brian Bell the TV Man team can do it all. Contact our office today to book an appointment.


If you need a new antenna installed or an old one upgraded the team at Brian Bell the TV Man should be your first call. We understand which makes and models work best in the region, and not every home is going to have the same solution. We can also install and tune TVs, set top boxes and DVD players.


Got an antenna that needs a bit of TLC? Our antenna technicians have more than 50 years' experience repairing and maintaining all makes and models of antenna. We can also repair and maintain your VHF or UHF systems and antennas in a multi-dwelling or unit block.


Got a question for our experienced team? We often get asked a number of questions by our clients, so we have compiled those we are most frequently asked - with answers - here.


"Our digital TV reception was very patchy so we looked in Yellow Pages and decided to call Brian Bell The TV Man. Brian and his offsider (son?) turned up when promised and confirmed our 20 year+ old antenna needed replacing. They did the installation very quickly and also installed new coaxial cable. The improvement in digital tv reception was outstanding. Very reasonable charge, about half what my son had paid to another TV company who left quite a mess after the job" - Cyberoob, Cairns